Misery Rich
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Track List:
  1. Misery Rich, Whisky Pour
  2. I'd Just Love To Lay You Down
  3. I Heard Momma Talkin' To Jesus
  4. Paying For My Memories
  5. Between China & Nome (Texas)
  6. The Cowboy Rode Away
  7. I Trust You
  8. Longing To Be
  9. Figment of My Own Imagination
  10. I Hear Her Crying
  11. Four Fingers of Whisky
  12. Your Bottle Called Me
  13. No One To Blame (Ode To Gary Stewart)
2014 Solo Release, "A World Away"
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 New May 2012 Release!!

"One Night Only!" Duet Album with Kimberly Murray


1. Good Mornin' Darlin' - 3:49 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
2. Blame This Mess On You - 3:18 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
3. From Where I Came - 4:14 (R. Manning / BMI)
4. Same Battle Fought Yesterday - 4:02 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
5. Last First Date - 3:49 (R. Manning / BMI)
6. Lovin' In Three Quarter Time - 2:47 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
7. Cheatin' Side of Life - 3:20 (R. Manning, K. Murray, J. Trevino / BMI)
8. Three Chords Away - 4:37 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
9. When I'm Drunk - 3:58 (R. Manning, K. Murray / BMI)
10. Loves Me Right - 3:41 (K. Murray & R. Manning / BMI)
11. I Can't Imagine - 5:08 (R. Manning / BMI)
12. Bunkhouse Breakdown - 3:20 (R. Manning, J. Denno / BMI)
Bonus Track:
13. Devil Makes No Change - 5:10 (R. Manning, J. Denno / BMI)

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Once Upon A Time In A Honky Tonk

Kimberly murray
 Kimberly's debut album with her award winning duet with Jake Hooker, and many more Texas Dancehall favorites.
  • Lonely Ever After
  • No One To Hear My Song
  • We're Both Lying To Me
  • I Never Once Stopped Loving You
  • The Steel Guitar Song
  • I Can't Remember
  • The Only Thing That's Real
  • Living & Learning (with Jake Hooker)
  • The Home You're Tearing Down
  • The Box It Came In
  • Don't Believe Me, I'm Lying (With Justin Travino)
  • When The Angels Sing
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Another Day Of Lonely

Kimmurray adol
 Kimberly's long awaited second release...  Ranked in the Top 10 Pick's by Country Music People Magazine for 2011!!
  • Let Me Go
  • Out Of My Mind
  • If Practice Makes Perfect
  • She Did This To Me
  • What My Thoughts Do All The Time (with Tony Booth)
  • Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  • Just A Memory
  • Wall To Wall Heartaches
  • I'll Be Your Honky Tonk Angel Tonight (with Bob Manning)
  • Another Day Of Lonely
  • One Step Away
  • Honky Tonks And Slow Sad Music
  • Jesus Hold My Hand
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